Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coming Soon: Interview with President Perry

In the next two weeks, we'll provide videos and transcripts of our interview with EIU President William Perry from earlier this semester.

We're providing the interview in four parts since it runs a total of approximately thirty-five minutes from start to end.

I'd like to thank all of the writers of this blog for their contributions in the interview. In particular, much gratitude needs to be heaped upon Chris Houchens since he transcribed it all.

And we all thank Graphic Designer Michael Babcock from the Center for Academic Technology and Support (CATS) for taping the interview, producing it, and getting it up on YouTube. As many of us at EIU know, Michael does outstanding work.

We hope viewers/readers enjoy the interview with President Perry, and here's the schedule for the four parts of the interview.

  • Tuesday, April 5: Writing and Making Connections
  • Thursday, April 7: Living the Examined Life--Writing is the Key
  • Tuesday, April 12: The Writing Process
  • Thursday, April 14: The Power of Words

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