Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Revision: the Neverending Process!

Editing, grammar, voice, tense, sentence structure. What do they all bring to mind? That’s right, revision. Those are some but not all things that you should focus on when editing your paper along with following the assignment that’s give by your professor.

There are many strategies that you can utilize when going to edit a paper. First and foremost you should re-read your paper. It may seem monotonous because yes, you did write the paper, but even though there may have been a lot of forethought into a draft there are still many things you can catch by going back through it.

Reading aloud is also a really great strategy. This strategy of reading aloud can help you catch phrases that don’t make sense also causing you to look more closely at the grammar and mechanics of your paper. Reading it to yourself or another person can prove very helpful.

Along with reading aloud, reading a paper backwards can sometimes cause you to take a step back your work. It causes you to read your paper sentence by sentence and concentrate on it in sections instead of viewing your piece as a whole.

Important Points about Revision

Professors at Eastern are there to help you through your experience in college. When they list their office hours they don’t just do it to waste ink. Utilize the opportunity to meet with a professor one-on-one to discuss your paper regardless of its stage in the process of composition.

Most important is to draft your paper EARLY! Don’t start the revision process an hour before your paper is due. Make sure and complete the assignment and give yourself ample time to revise. Revision itself is a continuous process. It’s never complete because you can always go back and revisit some of your work, even if it means making small menial changes.

Though these are only some of the many strategies than can be used to revise, my best advice is to start revising early and never be afraid to try something new!

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