Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Writing for a Deadline

You get your assignment. You have to write ten pages in X amount of days to finish it.

You stare at the prompt and have no idea where to start. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know how you’re going to get it all done, especially when you take into consideration all of your other homework.

So how do you do it?

The solution is much simpler than you might think. Take the number of pages and the number of days you have to get it done and distribute the work accordingly.

If you have five pages due in five days, do a page a day and it will be done. If you have ten pages and five days to write them, do two pages a day and it will be done.

Of course, this doesn’t include time for research. So in the case of a research paper or project, spend a day doing all your research and organizing your data, then start on the writing.
By doing a little at a time, it will ease your guilty conscience for putting it off until the last possible moment and allow you to:
1) be productive and allow you to say you’ve at least started and
2) have a life outside of school
The moral of this story here is this one: doing a little bit at a time eases the mind and allows time to be managed and distributed among other homework and for you to participate in whatever social activities you deem worthy of a homework break.

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  1. Writing is a messy process, but it's entirely true: if you start early and keep at it bit by bit, it will get done and the resulting piece of writing will reflect your capabilities much better than any first draft you power out at the end in a hurry.