Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Next Big Thing Blog Hop

This blog has been tagged for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop by EIU's own Lania Knight

Thanks Dr. Knight.

As the process goes, she sent us questions, which have been slightly modified because of the nature of our writing projects, and Kelly and I have responded below. 

1) What are the working titles of your writing projects?

Tim: The big writing project of mine is the writing textbook that my co-author Linda Copeland and I are revising and editing. It's titled IDEAS & Aims.

Kelly: My main project right now is my thesis, and it is entitled "Conceptualizing Identity as Performance in Young Adult Literature."

2) Where did the ideas come from for these projects?

Tim: Both my co-author and I have taught basic writing and college composition courses for years, and we wanted to write our own textbook targeted toward basic writing/developmental courses. We organized the book around rhetorical aims/purposes (to inform, analyze, persuade, et al.) and included chapters about college success, analytical reading, the writing process, and research.

Kelly: I spent a great many years of my life as an actress and have never been able to separate myself from the notion of performance and reality -- to me all interaction is a performance of some degree.  I'm a lover of Young Adult Literature and have noticed over the years how this type of literature encourages adults to explore multiple roles or identities -- so I decided to tackle this as a major research project.

3) What genres are these projects?

Tim: It's what higher education publishers call a "rhetoric/reader." In general though, it's a textbook.

Kelly: Young Adult Lit Dystopia.

4) What are one-sentence synopses of your projects?

Tim: IDEAS & Aims is a basic writing textbook that is organized around rhetorical purposes, focuses on analytical reading, reinforces critical thinking, and respects and works with the diverse students who take our writing courses.

Kelly: People play multiple roles throughout their lives, and this fact is endorsed and encouraged in young adult literature.

5) Who is publishing this work?

Tim: Pearson Publishing.

Kelly: Currently no one. But I've got big dreams!

6) How long did it take you write the first drafts of these projects?

Tim: With fourteen chapters and a handbook, it took a good while. But we wrote the first draft of most of the chapters over a two-year period -- mainly during two summers.

Kelly: It took me a month to write the first draft of my fourth chapter, but the other three chapters are moving along much quicker.

7) Who or what inspired you to write these works? 

Tim: My students. 

Kelly: My love the of theater.

8) What else about these projects might pique readers' interests? 

Tim: There are a lot of interesting reading selections in the book, ones you rarely see in college writing textbooks. IDEAS & Aims also has assignments that require professional writing genres like letters, memos, reports, etc.

Kelly: I include a lot of adolescent psychology research as well as sociological research that is just pretty fascinating.  PLUS, I'm writing about The Hunger Games...and who doesn't want to read about that?

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