Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Key Shortcuts in Essay Writing

There are a few tools in a word processor that I use all of the time. However, many people do not know these fantastic tricks. If you already know about these tools, tell your friends and save them some time and frustration.

So, we all know about spell-check, but we don't all know about the synonym function on the word-processor. The synonym function is also extremely useful--especially for ESL students. Go to tools, thesaurus, or simply left or double-click (depending on your computer) the word you want a synonym for. That way, if you can only think of a word that is similar to the word you actually want, you can find the word you actually want.

Or, say you have a problem with tense and you want to find all of the times you used the suffix "ed" in a document. To search within your own document on your computer, go to the "Edit bar. Under "Edit" click "find", or "go to", or "replace", depending on what you want to do.

If you are looking for something specific within a research journal, rather than reading the entire thing and finding no mention of whatever it is you are searching, search within an online document by pressing Command F. Try it now, and a search bar will appear on your screen. Now search "sun." Look, the sun is highlighted!

To highlight multiple things at once hold down Command while you highlight. This is useful for editing long documents.


  1. "Find" has saved me loads of time over the years--and has helped me catch some embarrassing mistakes when I was re-purposing documents (replacing a name and making change "her" to "him," for example).

    1. Me too, Dr. Kory. The heavens certainly blessed us with CTRL+F.
      Thanks, G.M. Knock. I will try the thesaurus tool.

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