Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coming Soon: Authors Anonymous

An important part of my writing process is procrastination. Basically, I need to be totally and completely distracted to transition from thinking about any given topic to, like, actually writing about that topic. Usually, my procrastination involves television (and now that Scandal is back, it more specifically involves Olivia Pope).

This week, as Ms. Pope's white-hatted gladiators helped me work on not working on an essay about potential connections between fictional narratives about birth and current debates on abortion and personhood, I came across another potential distraction: a movie about, you guessed it, writing!

Authors Anonymous, set to hit American theaters on April 18, stars the oh-so-adorable Kelly Cuoco as a member of a group of struggling writers that lands an agent, book deal and lucrative screen writing contract.

You can check out the trailer here. In a couple of weeks, you can incorporate the film into your own procrastination process.


  1. Well...in the Small World Department, it turns out that I am David Congalton, the screenwriter for Authors Anonymous, a Chicago native, and a graduate of EIU! Thank you for putting the spotlight on this labor of love which is currently available through VOD (Amazon.com is the easiest way). You can also see a clip posted by Entertainment Tonight here:

    Feel free to LIke us on Facebook at Authors Anonymous.

    And I welcome your feedback, questions, and comments. Feel free to write to me at dcongalton@charter.net.

    Enjoy the movie!

    1. Small World indeed!

      I'm psyched to find out that I can feed my hunger Kelly Cuoco, complete an important step in my writing process (you know, procrastination) and support a fellow Panther all at the same time!

      I'm a fan of multitasking.

      Thanks for stopping by the EIU Writes blog. And can't wait to see the movie!