Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Go Global

When I say "go global," I'm talking about your writing. Global revision is a vital part of the writing process. The point is to think about the bigger picture. I recommend doing this type of re-vision with your earlier drafts so you can keep revisiting and reshaping them along the way. 

Try to read your draft from an outsider's perspective, and ask yourself these questions: 

Does this draft accomplish its purpose? 
Whether you're arguing, evaluating, analyzing, or narrating, make sure you're you've addressed the goal you had for writing the piece in the first place.

Is it appropriate for my audience?
Figure out who your audience is, and target your writing to fit who will be reading it. What information is your audience looking for?

Is the main idea clear?
What is your main idea? Make sure that it is easy to find and understand, and include all relevant information to fully explain it. 

Is there a logical order to the draft?
Are like ideas grouped together? Investigate why your paragraphs are in the places that they are, and make sure they allow readers to follow your writing in an understandable way.

Is there any information I'm missing, or that need to explain more fully, or omit?
Read through your draft to find places that your readers might need more information, a definition, or stronger examples. Don't be afraid to cut information that doesn't support your main idea. 

Are transitions clear?
At the beginning and end of your paragraphs, make sure you have clear transitions from one point to the next so your readers can more clearly follow your ideas.

These revisions help you more clearly portray your ideas and can be performed anytime throughout the drafting and editing process. While it may seem a little more intimidating to revise whole paragraphs and important thoughts rather than just a few punctuation or word choice issues along the way, know that continuous global writing and revision will help you shape your ideas and come to a more complete, concise understanding of what you want to say and how you want to say it.

So, don't be afraid: go global!

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