Monday, February 8, 2016

Magic on my Mind

In a small lamp found in the catacombs of Coleman Hall resides a genie that has the power to grant any writing-related wishes--the dream for all writers...

While no one I know has ventured to search for this genie just yet, I asked three graduate students in the English program what writing-related wishes they would ask for if they ever met him, and here's what they said:

  1. To reach as many people as possible
  2. To write like Herman Melville
  3. To be immortalized through writing

  1. Never have any grammar mistakes
  2. Only write original, mind-blowing ideas
  3. Everything I write is beautiful stylistically

  1. My ideas are never unclear
  2. Able to magically skip the drafting part of the writing process
  3. A personal research assistant that finds all relevant sources
The possibilities are endless! What would your three wishes be?


  1. The ability to discover my own ideas
    The luxury of time to choose my words meticulously
    The opportunity to reach beyond myself and into the mystic
    ... it seems the genie is out of the bottle.

  2. Thoughtful wishes, Scott. I guess my wishes are to avoid ambiguity, achieve concision, say something memorable that people can take with them

  3. 1. A teeny bit more confidence in my writing abilities
    2. Time to write at least eight hours a day
    3. The knowledge to make THE BEST line breaks