Thursday, January 20, 2011

For Instructors: Resources for Responding to Student Writing

Since it's still early in the semester, probably many of you haven't graded a lot of papers so far, but I thought I'd pass along a couple of resources concerned with responding to and evaluating student writing.

Both of these resources can be found on "Resources for Faculty" page on the EIU WAC webpage.

The first link titled "Responding to Student Writing" comes from the Teach2Write page from UCLA's Office of Instructional Development. The presentation offers strong guidelines about "respond[ing] to your students' work without pain and suffering (and really help[ing] them with their writing)." The "Responding to Student Writing" presentation is also followed by "Grading Student Writing." In all, the Teach2Write page has six different presentations you can peruse although the first one is focused mainly on understanding UCLA students.

The second link titled "How Can I Handle Papers?" is available via the WAC Clearinghouse site at Colorado State. The authors cover topics such as "Focus Your Commenting Strategies," "Use a Grading Sheet," and "Do I Have to Be an Expert in Grammar?"

I hope you find the resources helpful and interesting, and we'd enjoy hearing any feedback you'd like to provide whether you're a faculty member or someone who wants to become a teacher.

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  1. This one was for me, wasn't it? Well, thanks!