Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Welcome to EIU Writes, the blog associated with the Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Eastern Illinois University.

Here at EIU Writes, we'll offer a diversity of posts to ponder and resources to investigate whether you're a first-year student taking ENG 1002, a junior getting ready to write cover letters for summer internships, a sophomore business major wanting to write stronger memos, or a faculty member looking for helpful links and ideas for the classes you teach.

As a general rule, if posts are meant for a wide audience (students and faculty), they will just have titles such as the one above.

However, if posts are meant for faculty members or students who aim for a career in teaching at any level, they will have "For Instructors:" preceding the titles.

We hope you find the information and discussion on this blog helpful, and we look forward to your comments and the conversation.

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