Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Handout: Transitions

New to the "Resources for Writers" page this semester is a handout simply titled "Transitions." The handout is located in the "Grammar & Style" section of the page.

Ben Potmesil, the Presidential Graduate Assistant for the Writing Center, was the lead author of the handout, and the document offers advice on how to achieve that mystical thing called "flow" in your writing.

Put another way, writing that has strong "flow" is cohesive. It has coherence through the use of effective transitions.

A writer can overdo transitions of course, so that's something to watch for, but as the handout relates, "You can't assume your reader is going to have the same conclusions you do, so as a writer you need to make it clear why one idea is connected to another by using transitions and signaling words. These words and phrases connect ideas within a sentence or paragraph and also between paragraphs."

We hope you find the handout helpful.

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